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About Us

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Thank you for visiting our blog and coming along with us on an exciting journey into the world of birds.

Why Birds?

I’ve always been fascinated by birds, those amazing creatures with feathers. This fascination turned into a lifelong passion. For 15 years, I’ve dedicated myself to learning about, taking care of, and admiring these beautiful animals.


About Me

I’m David Cooper, and I’m a big fan of birds. I come from Birmingham in the UK. Even though I don’t have wings, I’ve traveled to many places around the world to meet different bird species, from the icy lands of Antarctica to the scorching deserts of the Sahara. Birds have an incredible variety of colors, sizes, and behaviors, and I’m here to share the wonder of it all with you I’m committed to helping others with bird care.

Our Mission

At, we want to share our passion, knowledge, and amazement about birds with other bird lovers like you. Whether you’re a bird expert or someone just starting to explore the world of birdwatching, we have lots of information, tips, and heartwarming bird stories to share.

What to Expect

Here on our blog, you’ll find all sorts of articles, guides, and stunning bird pictures that will transport you into the magical world of birds. From tips on bird-watching to detailed profiles of bird species, from stories about bird conservation to heartwarming tales about these winged wonders, our blog is like a treasure chest of information about birds.

Get in Touch

We’re so excited to have you join us on this adventure. We encourage you to explore our blog, share your thoughts, and tell us about your own birding experiences. I hope you find my blog interesting, and if you’re ever looking for help or you have any questions, please contact me at  I’m eager to hear from you and share stories about our shared love for birds.

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